My former band " Shelta" have just released a new album for their 20th anniversary, 12 tracks of awesome Irish music !

Guests: Ronan Ryan from Limerick ( flute) , Tiennet Simonnin (uilleann pipes, accordion), Romain Chéré  ( flute, Banjo) and.. myself on the flute.

Audi extract available on the webpage.


New stock of wood  arrived from  south Africa,  Prosono Wood, 156 kg of Mopane and Lead wood, top quality !


I decided to update my price list and try to be more in line with what other makers charge for their work. Flute making is not my main job and I am not making a living out of selling my instruments but I do not want to create unfair competition by charging to little for my work, which I believe has become of the highest quality in the past few years.


Great news !

"Earlier today in Geneva, Switzerland, the CITES Conference of the Parties (CoP18) voted to approve an exemption that will allow finished musical instruments as well as parts and accessories containing rosewood to be transported around the world without permits"



I am making a new version of my keyless delrin with a short foot.  Main advantage is to keep the flute light and comfortable to play  but it also give it a brighter tone  and maybe makes it a bit more responsive.

Perfect student flute.


I have now decided to offer hand forged keys rather than using cheaper cast models. There is nothing wrong with cast keys however hand forging my own keys gives me more flexibility in terms of shape and dimension.
This also means that I can adapt each flute to the musician's requirement, the sky is my limit !

I do enjoy hand forging silver even if this means more work and time spent on each flute.
I can forge both nickel and sterling silver.

Check ou the final result


2 new flutes available ! please check the "available now" page and drop me an email for any questions.


I make Eb flutes again !!

25/03/2014I have now flute rolls available for 20 euros. They are hand made, lined with a soft cotton material and do a very good job at protecting  the flute.


Trying something new : faux ivory rings (elforyn)

It works well with Delrin.

Some more new about flute bags and possibly walnut flute cases !

New arrival of Mopane blanks (04.04.2013)

Just received my Lortone tumbler, it should do a great job on polishing and hardening the keys.